The IMF Philosophy: Unpacked

“The journey through uncharted waters seldom disappoints.”

We could write for days about our philosophy! (Don’t worry, we won’t!)

We love the nod to the open seas. Our ministry partners are located all over the globe – across oceans, over mountains, and on the other side of many airports. Our staff consultants are referred to as the IMF crew, and our newsletter is aptly named “The Navigator.” The IMF colors are brown and teal to reflect the ocean and land we cross to serve others. (Frank and Rachel may try to tell you they are simply their favorite colors, but don’t listen to them.) Tying it all together for the oftentimes over-the-top nautical theme is our logo – an anchor signifying the hope found in Christ as the anchor of our souls. It’s based on Hebrews 6:19. It was all very intentional and certainly fun to compile. But, can we stop for just a moment and unpack the underlying why?

There are thousands of Christian ministries spanning hundreds of countries. God has impressed on thousands of hearts a mission, a purpose for which He appointed leaders to pursue. Several ministries focus on economic sustainability. Others serve children or orphans exclusively. Still others believe in the significance of empowerment or quality healthcare. Their paths of entry for starting relationships with the communities where they serve are as varied as their missions: food, shoes, skills training, church planting, clean water, and education (to name a few). Every ministry partner of ours hopes to serve in a tangible way while also building trust by providing for earthly needs as they pave the way to share the biggest need of all – the Gospel.

So it was with the birth of IMF. However, God impressed a little something different on our crazy crew. The mission He pierced our hearts with was to support all those ministries He has already planted that might need a helping hand. Through prayer, we realized that our journey would be different – seek out and welcome the requests of those whom we can lift up in order to help them fulfill their missions. Our mission is to support yours. As Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ arms when he grew weary (Exodus 17:11), so IMF has been tasked to support other ministries in their space of need, whether that be in one area such as spreading awareness of what they are doing to new networks or assisting in multiple areas such as grant writing and facilitating mission team visits.

God also asked us to invite all to “join us in the story.” It’s a story He’s writing where ministries not only serve their program participants through love and goods, but one where ministries serve each other. There is no place for competition among the children of God, especially in service of God’s Kingdom. When we connect partners in order to fill service gaps and connect mission travelers to other ministries, we are positively affecting every dimension of the individuals they serve – the body, the mind, and the Spirit.

Our mission teams get a first hand glimpse into the full cycle of the adventure. The uncharted waters our philosophy references are the remote villages in Honduras, Costa Rica, and Haiti as well as the unreached people groups in Asia and Africa, the children with special needs whom others have forgotten, and the families that have lost everything when they found themselves in the path of destructive storms. We go ourselves and with our ministry partners … sometimes where no one else goes. Oftentimes, we meet and love on those whom no one else is currently serving.

That is the reason these journeys seldom disappoint. At the end of the day, we can drop our anchor and say that we have sailed where God has purposed us to serve, on mission to come alongside others with visions we believe are worth supporting.

Will you journey with us? You won’t be disappointed.

Written by: Cortney Donelson | IMF Director, Internal Strategy

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