Who We Are

IMF was born from the idea that there must be a way to support what so many ministries around the world are already striving to accomplish. Whether it is to spread Truth to unreached people groups in Africa or Costa Rica, supply critical items for survival in Haiti or Nicaragua, raise up a new generation of educated believers in small villages, or support life-changing projects, there are countless ministries already in country in some of the most remote or undeveloped places in the world.

In 2016, International Mission Foundation (IMF) was founded to bring support – whether it’s people, funds, or supplies – to multiple ministries. Rachel and Frank Verdi firmly believe the mission and success of this foundation will bring encouragement and sustainable resources to thousands of people all over the globe.

God put it on our hearts to innovatively and faithfully support that which He already put on others’ hearts.

Today, IMF partners with ministries in five countries, works through multiple churches all over the United States and Canada, and would love to connect with people just like you who want to make a difference. Won’t you join us in these unchartered waters?

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