Our mission is to support yours.

Whether you are a ministry leader, church partner, mission traveler, sponsor, program recipient, supporter, or volunteer, our purpose is to come alongside you as you navigate God’s great commandment and great commission to love and disciple others. If we are effectively planning and leading mission teams on journeys around the globe to gain understanding and support ministries in their work, there is nothing “short” about our short-term travel teams. Our goal is for IMF travelers to leave the airport at the end of their week, but for their journeys to last an eternity – literally!

IMF is dedicated to the value of exceptional service, and we apply this virtue ten-fold when planning our mission experiences. Our travelers are uniquely equipped with the knowledge needed to not only prepare and pack for our short term experiences, but will also gain an understanding of the ministry partners and country-specific cultures to which they are traveling. IMF will organize two pre-trip conference calls for travelers to gather information, ask questions, and “meet” their team members prior to the travel date. In addition, our teams delve into devotions and receive custom-made travel journals to help prepare their hearts for the voyage to serve. Our goal is to ensure every traveler arrives in-country feeling excited about where God is leading them and open to experiencing Him on a whole new level.

At IMF, we recognize that material poverty is one symptom of brokenness throughout the world, and that we all experience poverty as a result of sin – whether it be material poverty, spiritual poverty, or relational poverty. With a spirit of humility that stems from this knowledge, we seek to come alongside the materially impoverished to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Recognizing that not all missions actions are helpful and some can, in fact, be harmful, we will carefully consider each mission and project. We will seek to walk alongside mission partners and submit to the knowledge of local leaders who understand each culture’s and group’s needs best to develop missions that are focused on asset-based community development, utilizing local resources as often as possible. We will work to foster an environment that is conducive to building local relationships to allow collaboration in the community between individuals and organizations. We will always work with local leaders to evaluate carefully whether relief, rehabilitation, or development is needed and will simply extend any resources that would be helpful to that leadership to support those needs.

Reference: When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert.


We aspire to serve others fully and faithfully in times of need so that all may understand and experience this secure hope that anchors our souls.

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